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For The Sake of ALLAH

Online Free Teaching of Holy Qur'an without any fee or monetary obligation.


We are providing Our services, free of charge, to every individual anywhere in the world who has access to a high speed Internet connection (DSL, Broadband).

Our complete courses include:

  • Qaida (basic Tajweed for small children)
  • Nazrah Quran Majeed (Recitation of The Holy Quran)
  • Tajweed Quran Majeed (Principles of Recitation of The Holy Quran)
  • Hifz-ul-Quran (Memorization of The Holy Quran)
  • Quran Majeed Translation
  • Five pillars of Islam viz Touheed(Belief in Allah), Salah (Prayer), Saum (Fasting), Zakat,(Poor-Due) Hajj (Pilgrimage to Makkah),
  • Basic Islamic Knowledge: Concerning Risalat, Emaan, Six Kalmas and Daily Sunna Duas & memorization of last 20 surahs of 30th Para of The Holy Qur'an. This will be compulsory for all students to learn by heart except those children as mentioned in course No.1.
  • Arabic Language Learning Classes
  • Lectures on different Islamic topics once in a week for students & their parents is included in the Courses.
  • Free special offer for students & their parents to contact us through E-mail for their religious queries.


NOTE:For the time being, we are concentrating on learning/teaching of the Holy Qur'an and Salah (Prayer). Depending upon the availability of resources, rest of the courses will follow shortly. Insha-Allah.
However, Mufti Abdul Sami and Mufti Anas Fazal have gratefully agreed to answer any religious queries as per serial No. 10 above. They are available at Cell: +92 3425109063 and E.Mail: & Cell: +923428227336 and E.Mail: respectively.

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